Space Janitors Season 3 Episode 1 Premiere

Space Janitors Season 3 Episode1

Season 3 of Space Janitors, our favorite Star Wars Sci Fi parody premiered on Geek & Sundry today. The Space Janitors centers story revolves around Mike and Darby, two fellas employed as sanitation engineers on a Death Star like vehicle. You can view Space Janitors Season 3 Episode 1 below as well as the recaps […]

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Space Janitors, Star Wars Parody, Season 3 Premiere Date

Space Janitors Season 3 Premiere

Who likes sci-fi parodies? We do! We Do! And we are happy to say Space Janitors, our all time favorite Star Wars parody will debut their ┬áthird season on Geek &Sundry October 7th. The Canadian Comedy Awards named Space Janitors the Best Web Series for 2013. Space Janitors also won “Best Original Series for Digital […]

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Flappy Bird Clone of the Moment – Swanky Bird HD!

Flappy Bird Clone of the Moment - Swanky Bird HD

Can you use the word cynical to describe the normally nutty editorial staff? Maybe. We did create the “Guess When the Politician Gets Indicted Office Pool” promotion which invites folks to guess the month when Chris Christie, Andrew Cuomo, Pat Quinn, Scott Walker and Francis J. Underwood get indicted. Thirty six hours after we soft […]

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Francis J. Underwood Offers His Ideas for Handling ISIS On Colbert

Frank Underwood on Isis

Francis J. Underwood aka Kevin Spacey stopped by the Colbert Report to share his thoughts on the ISIS situation. The Colbert ReportGet More: Colbert Report Full Episodes,The Colbert Report on Facebook,Video Archive

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Gratuitous Space Battles 2: First Video Pre-Alpha Battle Effects

Gratuitous Space Battles 2 Game Play Video

Intreped indie game developer known to some as Cliff Harris released this first public battle video from Gratuitous Space Battles 2, the space strategy game coming out later this year on the PC/OSX/Linux platforms. In the video Cliff Harris narrates the pre-alpha battle effects he built into Gratuitous Space Battles 2. He’s designing the game […]

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Derp Vader – Darth Vader’s Dumber Cousin

Derp Vader Funny Star Wars Parody

Derp Vader, Darth Vadar’s slightly less intelligent cousin, debuted on Youtube today. Dreamworks TV created this fun Star Wars parody. Its funny but right now Space Janitors remains as our favorite Star Wars parody.

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Tower Boxing – Vertical Endless Runner Style Boxing Mobile Game

Tower Boxing Mobile Game Out

FDG Entertainment released Tower Boxing, a vertical endless runner style game for free on both the iOS and Google Play/Android platform this week. You play a boxer who punches buildings from either the left or right sides of the structure by tapping the screen. You collect coins as you avoid the cement deck outcropping which […]

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Institute of Culinary Iconography (College Commercial Parody)

College Commercial Parody

We thought we would share this funny video parody of college commercials from the Institute of Culinary Iconography created by Comediva.

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Instagram Released Hyperlapse App – Free Way to Make Time Lapse Videos

Hyperlapse out from Instagram

The folks at Instagram released Hyperlapse, an app that allows the user to make time lapse videos without the normal $15,000 equipment it would take prior to today. The intrepid HarryBalls editorial team tested Hyperlapse by capturing a video from the California street cable car stop at Van Ness. Its an interesting app. We do […]

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Doug Stamper Netflix Response to House of Cards Emmy Loss

Doug Stamper Netflix Response To Emmy Loss

Doug Stamper, Francis J. Underwood’s right hand guy in House of Cards, asks the accounting guy at the Academy about the lack of Emmy’s for House of Cards in this very funny video.

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