Funny Video of the Day – Non Violent Jewish James Bond

Non Violent Jewish James Bond

Jewish James Bond with Phil Rosenthal and Patton Oswalt from Phil Rosenthal Here’s a Funny Or Die video showcasing a Jewish 007 who avoids guns and sweet talks women into their clothes. Phil Rosenthal and Patton Oswalt star.

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5 Funniest Captain America Parody Videos According to Vladimir Putin’s Nipples

Putins Nipples Funniest Captain America Parodies

Vladimir Putin’s Nipple’s have been very stressed since Russia decided to rescue the Crimea Peninsula. The nipples, both the right and left, sent the recommended this list of the funniest video parodies of Captain America to watch to relieve your stress.

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Funny Sketch Called The Expert by Lauris Beinerts

The Expert Sketch Comedy

Have you ever attended a meeting with multiple people but only one engineer who is constantly put on the spot by the business folks in the room? This video depicts that exact scenario. Its a very funny video. Lauris Beinerts wrote the sketch based on a Russian short story called The Meeting by Alexey Berezin.

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Inside Amy Schumer Season 2 Debuts Tonight on Comedy Central

Inside Amy Schumer Season 2 Debuts Tonight on Comedy Central

Inside Amy SchumerGet More: Comedy Central,Funny Videos,Funny TV Shows Season 2 of Inside Amy Schumer debuts tonight on Comedy Central. She’s one the funniest standup/sketch comedians, man or woman or dog, in the free world. Paul Giamatti appears in this sneak peak.

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Agents of Shield Spoof Parody Trailer

Agents Of S.H.I.E.LD. Spoof Parody Trailer

Here’s a funny spoof trailer for a fictitious show called Assistants to the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Union Pool created the trailer.

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Officially Unofficial Chris Christie’s Own BridgeGate Report Executive Summary

Officially Unofficial Chris Christie Bridgegate Executive Summary

Here are the conclusions and recommendations to the officially unofficial Bridgegate Report New Jersey Governor Chris Christie paid $1,000,000 of taxpayer money to clear his ass. You can read the complete interview with this same BridgeGate Report here conducted, Sativa Sue, a beautiful fragrant large bud of sativa marijuana. Conclusions: 1. Chris Christie runs a [...]

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Game of Thrones – House of Cards Funny Video Parody

Game of Thrones House of Cards Parody Video

What would happen if you parody the Game of Thrones and House of Cards in one video? You would get something like this funny House of Thrones video. The guy pictured in the screenshot does a really great impression of Kevin Spacey. John Busher authored this post but not this video. Feel free to support [...]

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Christie’s Bridegate Report Blames Putin, ObamaCare and Jimmy Carter for the GWB Traffic Jam


Combative New Jersey Governor Chris Christie released his own unbiased independent Bridgegate report produced by Gibson, Dunn, & Crutcher, a law firm his administration hired to investigate the George Washington Bridge Four Day Traffic Jam caused by the shutdown of three lanes on the entrance to the bridge. Sativa Sue, a large beautiful bud of [...]

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Obama’s Putter Announces New Russian Sanctions

Obama's Putter Announces New Russian Sanctions

Today in Brussels, President Obama’s golf putter announced new sanctions the world will impose on Vladimir Putin and his Russian cronies. 1. Must dry Madonna‚Äôs hairy right underarms with their tongues.

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A Bud of Marijuana Interviews The Word “Selfie”


Today, I, Sativa Sue, a giant fragrant bud of marijuana and the number one freelance reporter on the editorial team, sat down with the 2013 word of the year “Selfie” who kindly posted the very first selfie of the word selfie on our blog. Sativa Sue: Hello Selfie. Thank you for giving myself and [...]

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