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Game Review by Abasster
Game Rating = 3/5 Balls
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Care to play a fun 2D game that will test your basic problem solving skills? Bumps by Utopian Games is a very cute and unique bouncy rolling ball 2 Dimensional (2D) game that will test the player’s ability to use the surrounding environment to an advantage. The story starts with an alien invasion & many of the Bumps are taken prisoner as to become food supply for the aliens. The player must help the Bumps escape by strategically placing one or two required Bumps that when prompted, will maneuver through a circuit/track/course, grab all the required keys to open the locks and free their imprisoned friends.

Bumps Screenshot 1

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Well polished & professional graphics make the simple geometry of the Bumps game look stunning and even delicious like a pack of colored M&M chocolates candy bouncing and rolling about on one’s computer screen. It won’t be surprising that while playing the Bumps game; the player will be reminded of looking at a Twitter social networking website, as the graphics look similar but only in this game – the graphics look better! Quality graphics plays a successful role in this game so this contributes the first point to the rating.

Game Play

Some of the circuits are straight forward while some will have the player do five, six, seven, eight or more tries before being successful as the objects that make out the circuit can be difficult to identify & because the circuit itself gradually become more complex. Virtually all the components of the track are colored black and one can only identify them by their shape. For example, the tricky part is the player can only guess that the dark object is a bed and the Bump/s will be able to bounce off of it.

Bumps Screenshot 2

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The player can only confirm his or her assumption by releasing the Bump/s to have a go at the course. Success on the first or second try will receive a gold star while third or fourth will merit a silver star and success on the five and sixth gets the player a bronze star. The game play is not too easy & will require a bit more thought from the player but not too hard for the player to just give up thus this balance deserves an added point.

Innovation & Creativity

Bumps incorporate an innovative problem solving game play. The creativity oozes through the many circuits the player has to solve in this game. The Bumps game instills the notion into the player that everybody makes mistakes and it is alright to make them as long as one keeps on trying to find the correct solution to the problem.

Young children as well as adults will find this game fun to play. As much as the Bumps game is actually a very well disguised learning tool; making it unique from many other 2D games as well as add value, it is very fun to play and is highly addictive well worth the $14.95 price tag. Another point scored here.

Bumps Screenshot 3

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The Bumps game is totally about cuteness. The cuter everything is then the better. Even the music is sickeningly cute. No, it’s not a bad thing as the tuba sounds combined with squishy, mushy, gooey, and fart-like beats goes very well with the extreme cuteness theme of this game. One can even hear the faint sound of these cute little colored balls cheering after being freed from their locked bubble prison.


A player who can truly appreciate the idea behind this game will want to buy it plus an expansion pack for more challenging circuits to solve. The latter or a game sequel would have to be purchased as once a player knows how every circuit is solved in the Bumps game then the replay value of the game declines. Nonetheless, the entertaining graphics will mesmerize the player over & over again. The shiny bubbly graphics are not just there to make the young children happy but also to package the thought provoking value of this game in a fun and friendly manner to adults. The Bumps game is awarded a final cute & bubbly rating of 3/5.

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