Pixie Arcade Puzzle Game Review

Game Review by VJ Webb
Game Rating = 5/5 Balls

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Pixie is a sparkling fairy and she is lost. It is your job to help her find her way through the dark forest. In order to do this, you must travel through 100 levels of play by sending magic vines to fence off sections of the board. Of course, evil bugs (called enemies) will try to prevent you from succeeding in your happy mission of coloring the world. When a section is fenced in, it fills with beautiful flowers, butterflies and leaves. It also kills any enemies trapped in the enclosure. To advance to the next level, you must fill in 85 percent of the board. Extra points are awarded for filling in more than 85 percent. Bonus points are awarded for killing all of the enemies.

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As expected, each level is harder than the last level. Pixie starts with three lives and the game ends when the enemies have used up all of her lives. However, she can collect gold coins which can be redeemed at every fifth level in the magic shop. The items in the shop range from an extra life for three gold coins to a smart bomb for 50 gold coins. In between there are various protections and potions.

During game play, as enemies are destroyed, you will see good and bad bonuses flying around. You only want to catch the blue good bonuses. The good bonuses will give you a good bomb, fast vines, slow motion for enemies, two times score, four times score, extra energy, reverse filler or coin magnets. The red bad bonuses slow down vine growth, speed up the enemies, slow down Pixie or give Pixie a bad bomb that she must detonate. The bad bomb takes out sections of the filled in board. There are four bad bonuses and 11 good bonuses.

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Just to make things more interesting, there are four boss levels. The first boss level is level number 26. There are also 40 medals to earn.

The options screen lets you set the screen size, music and sound levels. You can add up to ten individual profiles for your game statistics. There is an online Hall of Fame or statistics can just be kept locally.

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Pixie is a classic arcade puzzle action game which can be enjoyed by the entire family. The game is well designed with superior graphics, music and sounds. To keep the game interesting, the 100 levels of play have varied board layouts and background fills. The only problem I found with the game is that it is slightly addictive. Which in a game can be both good and bad.

EMV Software created Pixie.

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