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Game Review by Matt Remley
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County Fair

County Fair is the game that fans of RollerCoaster Tycoon have been waiting for. Right from the start of the game, players are thrown into a story of long lost relatives and inheritance. Controlling an unnamed character, players soon discover from a stranger’s lawyer that the two are actually related.

County Fair Screen Shot

County Fair

Much to the characters surprise, this stranger turned relative named Russ Pendleton has left behind a traveling fair and a sum of money to maintain and expand the fair business. That’s where the player comes in, as they must do everything they can to fulfill the last wishes of Russ and keep everyone that visits the county fair smiling.

Game Play

With the help of an assistant appointed by Russ Pendleton, the whole objective of the game is to manage a traveling fair as it makes it way around numerous towns. When playing County Fair, it is important to keep an eye on the bills and revenue of the fair. As such players must also keep an eye on workers hired and the status of rides or amusements.

County Fair Screen Shot

County Fair

County Fair is a game that makes it easy to just jump right into the action, starting with small fair grounds and then expanding into much larger ones. The number of amusements built on the fair grounds lead to more customers, but setting the price for tickets too high on them may slow down crowds to a halt.

Also increasing in size with the advancement of each stage is the objectives that players must complete to move on to the next. In the first stage players must gain three thousand dollars before a few days pass in the game. With each day comes bills, but with every minute that passes more revenue is gained by visitors to the park.

County Fair Screen Shot

County Fair

Clearly there are countless amusement rides and stands that players can set up to gain revenue and attract more visitors. Aside from that, it is also possible to purchase advertising space or create other promotional items. Its pretty interesting that nearly everything this game has to offer is similar to that of games like RollerCoaster Tycoon, so fans of that will surely love this.


With graphical options that can allow some of today’s low-end computers to play this with ease, County Fair is perfect for those who are tired of today’s games focusing mainly on graphics. Players are able to turn down the graphics from 32-bit to 16-bit, and they still look great. In addition its pretty interesting being able to see all of the visitors to the county fair walking around and entering amusements.


While the sound effects of this game are definitely the downside of the experience, players should expect them to suffice when it comes to adding to the experience. On the upside of things, if the county fair music bothers players too much, there are options to turn them off.

Creativity & Innovation

Overall, County Fair is an amusing game aimed at a wide variety of age groups. This game has a similar feel and style to that of Roller Coaster Tycoon, and should be expected to entertain players for hours. County Fair is well worth the price tag, and should be played by anyone who enjoys this type of game.

County Fair

System Requirements

OS: Mac OS X 10.4+
CPU: Intel Only


OS: Windows 2000 Windows XP Windows Vista
Memory: 256 MB
DirectX: 8.1 or later
CPU: P 1.0GHz
Video: 16mb 3D Video Card

Tik Games created County Fair.

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