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Game Review by Hal Wierzbicki
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Plants Vs. Zombies is the latest take on the defense genre by Popcap games. With a $20 price tag, it has a lot to offer. Try it for free for 60 minutes of game play, and discover how much fun it can be to fend off the undead with gardening!

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Download Free Game Trial

Buy The Game Now $19.99

Game play: This game is the newest offering in the “defense” genre. The core elements are there; build your field to protect your house from the coming enemies. Each wave offers you new plants with new and different abilities to help you defend your home. The interface is simple point and click, easy to do with a laptop touchpad. The game also saves after each wave, allowing you to pick up and leave off wherever you like. Perfect for casual gamers without a lot of time to kill. The first few levels offer a fine tutorial for gamers new to the genre, but surprisingly it’s unobtrusive; veteran gamers will barely see it. The difficulty curve is wonderful as well. Not too easy, never too hard. Gameplay gets 5/5.

Graphics: Typical Popcap game: Vibrant colors, crisp clear images, and no clutter. The zombies are detailed and entertaining in their variety, from a pole-vaulter who leaps over the first plant he comes to, to the businessman caught on the can with a paper. The plants are equally entertaining, complete with eyes and smiles while they protect your house from harm. Graphics get a 5/5.

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Sound: The music is perfect. A little spooky, a little casual, and subtle enough that it doesn’t grate on the nerves. The sound effects are repetitive, but what defense game can say otherwise? Only one sound effect got on my nerves, and that was the sound of my plants being eaten by the oncoming horde. It was just a little too loud for me. Sound gets a 4/5.

Creativity and Innovation: Plants versus Zombies? Not a usual combination. Here it works, with all the violence of a zombie horde but none of the human death. Everything about this game rings of Popcap ingenuity; the enemy design, the plants, even your neighbor. It’s not the most innovative game in terms of game play, but it sticks to a system that’s proven to work. 5/5.

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Download Free Game Trial

Buy The Game Now $19.99

Why To Buy:

* Buy this game if you’re a fan of the defense genre without the time to invest in dozens of waves at once.

* Buy this game if you’re a fan of Popcap games, have $20 to spare, and like zombies.

* Buy this game if you’re curious just how far zombies can get against a well-trained garden.

Do Not Buy If:

* Don’t buy this game if you want a hardcore challenge.

* Don’t buy this game if you’re opposed to paying $20 for, essentially, a very good flash game.

* Don’t buy this game if you’re not a fan of the defense genre.

Overall Rating: 5/5

System Requirements

OS: Mac OS X 10.4+
CPU: Intel Only


OS: Windows Vista Windows 2000 Windows XP
Memory: 512 MB
DirectX: 8
CPU: 1.2Ghz
Video: 128MB

Popcap created Plants vs Zombies

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    my favorite character on the Plants Vs. Zombies game is none other than the Michael Jackson zombie…*

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