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Game Review by Debbie Lester
Game Rating = 4/5 Balls
System Requirements – Runs on All Windows Versions

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BrickShooter by Terminal Studio is not your average match-3 game. There are a lot of options for the gamer to tweak that make each experience with BrickShooter, unique and challenging. Gamers of all levels from the beginner to the master will find this game intriguing and addictive. With it’s bright colors and multiple directions of play, gamers will be impressed with this one!

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There is no underlying story with this game. Players are given a playing area with a few bright colored bricks in the center and many on the outsides in all directions. The object is to match 3 bricks by color, horizontally, vertically or in an L shape, which will cause the bricks to explode.

Game Play

The difference in this game and most match-3 games is that bricks can be fired from any direction. Once they come in contact with other bricks they will either explode or stay in the playing field. If they remain in the field they acquire an arrow which shows how they will move if other bricks in between are exploded. There are so many options with this game. Players can take their time and play or they can play a timed game. They can start a new game, go back to an old game or save a game to be played later right from the main screen. They can change skins so that the game suits their preferences or even tell the game how many bricks of each color they want to work with.

BrickShooter Puzzle Game Screenshot

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The graphics are similar to Brick Breaker or Dr. Mario. Gamers basically have colored blocks to work with, although you can change the skins. Graphics are fairly limited but the creativity of your options makes up for it.


The music reminded me of some sinister villain music from old cartoons with a bit of electronica added in. When I first started playing the game I didn’t pay any attention to the music. For the most part it does not add to or take away from the game.

BrickShooter Puzzle Game Screenshot

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Creativity and Innovation

The many options the gamer is given makes it not only challenging but addictive. It is very innovative in that it gives the gamer the power to make substantial changes in the game itself without ever having to leave the main screen. Not to mention the fact that it is not an easy game. The player must use their brain to figure out how to work from every side to get the bricks to explode and how they are going to move.


– You like a game that gives you many, many options
– You like strategy games like Tetris
– You are looking for an addictive game


– You are looking for a game with super graphics
– You are looking for a game that has a killer soundtrack
– You are looking for an easy game to pass time

Terminal Studio created Brickshooter.

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