Soaped Up Air Arcade Game

Game Review by Marai Rataj
Game Rating = 3/5 Balls

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Game Play:

Soaped Up, a casual import game from Japan is entertaining, and soothing with its music and easily learned game play. Soaped up gives enough of a challenge to keep you occupied, while you move a bubble around obstacle courses with your mouse acting like a fan. One comment here, I understand that Japanese is a very poetic language, yet the developers of this game could have done with an English Speaker to translate the instructions for the game. Among the awkwardly phrased instructions were wrong spellings and awkward word choices. This, of course, doesn’t affect the game play, but it does say something for the overall performance of the game. The fact that the game also crashed my computer when I tried to close out of it tells me the developer missed a glitch or two on this otherwise enjoyable game.

Soaped Up Air Screenshot

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Graphics-wise, Soaped Up is nothing new. Reminiscent of early flash casual games in the late 90’s, Soaped Up’s graphics are simple and often simple geometric shapes moving in circles. What the developer spent the most time on is the physics engine surrounding the bubble movement. Controlling the bubble is flawlessly enjoyable, and well crafted. This is where Soaped Up excels. Despite the old-school backgrounds, and finicky language translation, Soaped Up is fun, and the game play works.

The music is where this game’s creativity comes into play. Soaped Up’s soundtrack is a joy, the sort of music you would turn on after a stressful day and listen to over a cup of tea while snuggled up in a blanket reading a book. What it does for game play is set the mood and relax you as you manoeuvrer your bubble through the grating sounds of the background fx once you make a mistake. Yes, the red-lined mistake sound effect can be as jarring as the bell tone in the old school board game Operation. Yet, this directs the player with a challenge – to succeed.

Soaped Up Air Screenshot

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Lacking a significant story, Soaped Up focuses on the puzzles, and the hours that can be spent guiding your bubble. Creatively speaking, the backgrounds in each level add to the play quietly, barely noticeable for the tricks involved. This works. Innovation might not play a huge part in this game, it presents itself as another take on a common game, yet the atmosphere created by the music, and overall tone make it a soothing game to enjoy, if you can get past the few bugs it still maintains.


– If you like Japanese Import casual games.
– If you like entertaining, calming music.
-If you like experimenting with well crafted physics engines.

Don’t Buy:

– If you like, you’ll get much of the same there.
-If you keep your computer on mute.
– If grammar and spelling mistakes get you down.

Download Free Game Trial
Buy The Game Now $7.50

Okashi Itsumo created Soaped Up Air.

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