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Virtual Farm Game Review by Adam Sprott
Game Rating = 2/5 Balls

After playing Virtual Farm by Alawar Entertainment, I have found it to be quite unrealistic and a game that quickly becomes boring. Personally, I did not like it; I enjoy games that are a challenge, and this game was far too simple. To give it a rating, I would say it is no better than a 2/5 for children, a 1/5 for everyone else.

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The game is far too stereotypical and idyllic with very little creativity or innovation. Seeing as I live on a farm, I think the game designers know very little about farming and have instead developed a game more along the lines of home gardening; farmers do not grow grass, they grow hay as any 3-year-old living on or near a farm can tell you. Naturally the main character is the stereotypical large pot-bellied farmer in plaid overalls and straw hat that waddles around with gardening tools and equipment. There are hardly any setbacks as you play the game, and unless you forget to do something or you make a mistake everything will turn out perfectly. This game has been built from a basic template that has been used by many, many other games, and has no innovation or creativity other than being set in a large garden. I was surprised I did not have to chase any troublesome garden gnomes away; it would have probably been more interesting and engaging.

The game does keep the player involved, through pure micromanagement that soon becomes tedious. The game play is quite weak and the market set-up is quite confusing to understand how to work properly. When one has become tired of the managing the “farm” and has learned what all the commands are, the game loses all appeal.
The graphics are very fluid but are quite simple, and after the initial impression wears off they do nothing to help the weak game play keep the game interesting. The game has very simple and generic sound effects, that like the graphics do nothing to keep your attention on the game.

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Overall, the game was too stereotypical, too simple, too unrealistic, too generic and becomes boring quickly.

However, despite all my criticisms, Virtual Farm would be a very good game for children, as it requires some skill with organizing, planning, and managing; things children often enjoy in simple games and can learn from games like this. I know that if I had just been beginning to play games, this would be a fun game that I could learn some basic skills from and apply to other games and situations. For someone looking for a new game that can capture a child’s attention for a little while and teach the child some basics in the process, I would recommend that you consider this game. Anyone over the age of 10 or 11, should consider this to be a 1/5 and move on.

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