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Yummy Drink Factory by Angela Pollock
Game Rating = 4/5

Yummy Drink Factory is one of the best multi-tasking games that has been put out in quite some time. Your character starts out by taking a wrong turn and stumbles upon a creepy coffee shop. You stop to get directions and decide to order a warming drink-a “double-chocolate mocha, dry, extra-hot, fat-free milk and no whipped cream”. Your character is a not-so nice young lady with a bad attitude.

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Because of your character’s ill behavior and bad manners, the old lady says “you will pay for your evil ways” and the spell is cast. Your character finds herself on Fairytale Island and she must travel the land and serve drinks to the villagers. If she doesn’t learn humility, she will have to stay on the island forever.

There are three levels of playing. The easy level will provide you with 20 different recipes, medium has 28 recipes and the difficult level has 38 recipes that you will need to learn and prepare for customers. But not to worry, if you don’t remember all of the ingredients, a recipe book is at hand with step-by-step directions on the preparations. Gems are also collected to purchase upgrades at the general store.
Each day at your shop, customers who are child-like characters that resemble anything from fairies to miniature witches, will place their orders. Sometimes the order has only one drink but many times they have multiple requests. The drinks range from simple coffee-flavored hot chocolate to slime-flavored topped with green warts. Stars along the bottom of the ticket will count down while you prepare the drinks.
The start of the game has several options that you can play. The story mode includes the storyline that lasts 50 days. Other game modes include the freedom modes that you can either play using the game recipes or recipes you have created. The create and share mode allows you to create custom recipes and share them with your friends.

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Buy The Game Now $19.95

Yummy Drink Factory Game Screenshot

The graphics are cartoonish without much animation. When the order is complete, the customer simply disappears. The sound has “fairytale” type music playing in the background. Other than the customers greeting you with “hello”, this music is basically the only sounds of the game. During play, the music isn’t noticeable and sound isn’t required to play the game so it can be turned down so as not to be distracting.
The creativity and innovation are typical for this type of game. However, the game has gone a few steps above by creating some very interesting recipes and allowing you to create your own specialties. The extra modes make the game more interesting and worth the purchase. There are a lot of options and game play for the price of the full version. I rate this game a 4 out of 5.

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