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Stir Fry Soccer Game Review by Josh Komon
Game Rating = 5/5 Balls

With the World Cup looming just around the corner, soccer (or football) video games are going to be in high demand. One such game, available for the PC, or Xbox Live, is Stir Fry Soccer. It is a simplified, six on six, action-packed sports experience.

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The instructions are few, which makes Stir Fry Soccer a game you can just sit down and play, without investing much time into learning how to do it right. The keyboard arrows can be used to control the movement of the selected player. A, S, D, W, and F are used for various passes, shots, tackles, switching players, and so on. The average player can get away with the arrows, one pass, and one shot.

With only six players to a side instead of the normal eleven, strategy is simplified. Playing on a smaller field makes it a bit more action-packed with more shots on the goal and, ultimately, more scoring. This is accomplished without really diminishing the role of defense. Scoring is fun in all sports games, but Stir Fry Soccer makes it just a little more fun as players can control how the scoring player celebrates.

There are plenty of game modes, but none is more fun or impressive than the Career Mode. Users can edit the look of teams and the individual players. As users compete in matches, the players on the team improve in all the various skills. The competition also gets tougher, so the level of difficulty tends to stay about the same.


As a downloadable game, it is unrealistic to expect amazing quality in graphics. Instead of detail, players are given an enjoyable and creative cartoonish look. The players can be modified to look however the user may like, but all the combinations are pleasant to the eye.


While the sound and music of the game are good, for the most part, it all goes unnoticed. However, when goals are scored, the roar of the crowd raises the spirit. Play this game with the sound on.


The idea of a soccer game is by no means original. However, the simplification and the addition of goal celebration should be applauded.

Download Free Game Trial
Buy The Game Now $12.95

Stir Fry Soccer Game Screenshot


Only sports fans will enjoy Stir Fry Soccer, but ALL sports fans will enjoy it. With no room for improvement, Stir Fry Soccer must be considered a perfect game. 5/5.


-$12.95 is a very low price for a game this great, and this full of content.
-The fast-paced soccer action is perfect for the sports fan with a short attention span.
-Career Mode keeps players coming back for more.


-Sports games are not for everyone.
-Soccer purists may not like the six on six, or high scoring.
-The controls are too simple for players who prefer to have total control.

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