Solar 2 Slated for June 2011 Release

Murudai, an independent game developer, have announced their plans to release Solar 2 for the PC in or around June
2011. They plan to sell Solar 2 for $10 for download from Steam and other distribution partners. Murudai released the original Solar for Bill Gates favorite platform, (not the Wii), Xbox Live Indie Games.

Murudai describe the game as “an open-world, sandbox game where you play as asteroids, planets and stars in an infinite universe. The game will feature many missions all activated and played during the extensive sandbox mode. You can grow your system, destroy other systems, gather objects to become more powerful, grow and nurture the life growing in your system or just use the planets as wrecking balls. There are many ways to tackle the missions, if something isn’t working take a step back and think again. Other features include hidden missions, game modifying physics options, secrets to discover and more.”

The game will feature 30 to 40 minutes of original music from JP Neufeld who created the Sound track for the first Solar game.

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One Comments

  1. onto says:

    I bought this.

    It would make a great iphone app but its not worth the 10 bucks as a pc game. It’s not horrible, but the novelty wears off pretty quickly.

    I’d have rather spent my money elsewhere.

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