Atom Zombie Smasher Game Review

Atom Zombie Smasher Game Review by Matt Bird
Atom Zombie Smasher Game Rating = 3.5/5

Atom Zombie Smasher Game Download
Buy Atom Zombie Smasher $15.00

Reasons to buy Atom Zombie Smasher

– You want a solid RTS downloadable game
– You want a challenging strategy title
– The undead make you salivate

Reasons to avoid buying Atom Zombie Smasher

– You savor complex graphics
– You like a ton of options
– You hate the whole ‘zombie’ thing

Atom Zombie Smasher Full Game Review

Another of the thousands of new games based around the zombie phenomenon, Atom Zombie Smasher by Blendo Games is what you’d expect: a downloadable title with a lot of good ol’ fashion zed killing. You don’t get much more more than that.

The story has been told a thousand times over, and on this foray it’s even more impersonal. You need to rescue civilians from a grisly fate, and given the sheer number of zombies wandering around this is no easy task – especially since you need to pull them out by helicopter. But you’re their only hope, so you’d better do your job right. Not a heavy plot, but, what do you expect? Zombies!

Atom Zombie Smasher Game Download
Atom Zombie Smasher Game Download
Buy Atom Zombie Smasher $15.00

Atom Zombie Smasher is a real time strategy game played out from a bird’s eye view. Each map places you on a series of city blocks, and you have to rescue a set amount of civilians. Once the civvies are all evacuated or eaten, the map ends. Civilians are yellow dots, zombies pink… and there are a lot more zombies than civilians, their numbers swelling every second as more hapless saps fall prey to the zombie hordes. The graphics aren’t stellar, but they get the job done with some decent musical accompaniment.

In order to save civilians, you need to strategically place and then relocate a helicopter landing pad. The helicopter hovers overhead, landing occasionally to pick up a dozen or so more civilians before leaving again. It will take off immediately if zombies get too close, however, so you need to pick your landing zone wisely – and defend it. How?

Atom Zombie Smasher Game Download
Atom Zombie Smasher Game Download
Buy Atom Zombie Smasher $15.00

RTS mercenaries, of course. Coming in a variety of different forms – run-and-gun soldiers, artillery, dynamite layers, that sort of thing – these brave men and women will chew up the zombie ranks while the civilians run for cover. Placing them properly is just as important as the landing pad, especially if you plan on getting an extra bonus by clearing out the entire map.

Atom Zombie Smasher is very much a game of behavior. You need to learn, quickly, how civilians will react to zombies (ie they run certain directions), and vice versa, in order to properly herd everyone where you want them to go. The infection spreads quickly in this game, requiring a lot of fast thinking and speedy mouse work. It’s a fun mental jog, and unlike other RTS downloadable games you won’t need hours to play a map.

Clean, quick and fairly easy to learn (though the tutorial could stand to be a bit more straightforward), Atom Zombie Smasher is good fun. Not terribly innovative or stylistically superb, but worth a play regardless.

Atom Zombie Smasher Game Download
Buy Atom Zombie Smasher $15.00

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