Gemini Rue Game Review

Gemini Rue Game Review by Josh Komon
Gemini Rue Game Rating = 3/5

Remember those great adventure games of the late 80s and early 90s? There was Space Quest, King’s Quest, and all of their sequels. Players had to explore a world, solving mysteries, finding objects, interact with other objects, and every now and then, talk to someone. Those games slowly faded out, but have recently made a resurgence, most notably, with the console hit, “Hard Rain.” Not to be left out of the mix, Wadjet Eye Games has released, “Gemini Rue,” for both PC and Mac. How does it stack up against current rivals as well as those decades old ones?

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Three Reasons to buy Gemini Rue

-Quality old school graphics are rare these days.
-$14.99 is a decent price for such a large game.
-The voice acting is exceptional.

Three Reasons to Avoid Buying Gemini Rue

-The game moves slowly.
-There is no real action to stimulate today’s gamers.
-There are better similar games from today and from a time past.

Gemini Rue Game Download
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Interaction within the world is easy. It is a point-and-click based system. Left clicking moves the main character around to different parts of the screen, or selects options within other menus. Right clicking allows players to interact with objects and people. When right clicking on an object, players then choose options from a secondary menu, which includes talking, looking at, touching, kicking, and sometimes using objects. When interacting with a person, players get involved in dialogue, and choose what is to be said. It does not take long to get used to the controls, but that does not prevent them from being frustrating at times.

The story line is mysterious enough to keep things interesting, but there are still a few problems within. The biggest issue is that things move along at a snail’s pace. There are a lot of big names, which make important plot lines difficult to follow at times. Patient gamers will tolerate this, but impatient ones won’t last twenty minutes.

Gemini Rue Game Download
Gemini Rue Game Download
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The game designers decided to go old school with “Gemini Rue.” The game looks exactly like other games from 1994. That said, there is a modern flair to the scenery, which ultimately makes the game appear original.


The voice acting, on the other hand, is anything but old school. Real human voices help to move the game along. The audio is clearly the best aspect of the game.


The reference to “Hard Rain” speaks of just how unoriginal this game really is. To make matters worse, the game starts off in the rain, just like in that hit game. The story is unique, at least.


It may not be the most fun game in the world, but it is well made, and worth at least trying the demo.

Gemini Rue Game Download
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