Heavy Hogur Game Review

Heavy Hogur Game Review by Jerry Curtis
Heavy Hogur Game Rating: 5/5

Heavy Hogur Game Download
Buy Heavy Hogur $9.99

Heavy Hogur is a gorgeous 3D rendered experience and challenges the game player’s mind. As the adorable little hairball Hogur mines crystals in a wide variety of “caves,” puzzle aficionados will love its truly superior and increasingly difficult levels. Download and buy Heavy Hogur and it will stay in your inventory a very long time because it is so challenging and difficult.

Three Reasons to buy Heavy Hogur

– It is fun and addictive.
– It is a superior value for the inexpensive download price of just $9.95.
– It is challenging and develops problem-solving skills

Three Reasons to avoid buying Heavy Hogur

– Puzzle paths and challenges change, but basic game play does not.
– Hogur just walks and chops. He does nothing else. Can get tedious.
– 3D animation will crash some systems, and sometimes the in-game menus interfere with the puzzle view.

Game play – Excellent for a puzzle

Heavy Hogur is a puzzle/maze game where a delightful 3D character, Hogur Rockscrubber, marches where the user points him. (Except for the funky braided beard, he reminds one of Gimli the Dwarf in Lord of the Rings.) When Hogur reaches his destination in each room (or cave), he digs up a crystal and adds it to the inventory. Problem is that as Heavy Hogur (who is extremely, uh, Heavy) steps off a “crumbling” tile, that tile collapses one level and prevents Hogur from retracing his steps. (Hogur cannot step up from a collapsed tile; hence his return trip is blocked.) The challenge lies in choosing the paths Hogur takes harvesting the crystals and eventually exiting the level through a door.

Heavy Hogur Game Download
Heavy Hogur Game Download
Buy Heavy Hogur $9.99

Graphics – Outstanding

The 3D graphics of this game are what makes it truly worth buying. The user can rotate the current puzzle and zoom in and out. The developers of this game have done a remarkable job of innovation by taking a good puzzle/maze concept and making it a great PC puzzle experience.

Sound – Excellent

The music soundtrack is excellent. Its background music is a soothing combination of medieval flute and harp. We hear the padding of Hogur’s feet as he makes appropriate clanging noises while harvesting crystals. Hogur chortles, grunts and guffaws appropriately. Adjust the music and sound effects volume levels through the game options on the main page.

Worth the trial

Download a fully-functional version (Windows) of the game, and you will probably be immediately hooked by this superior game. The download with its 30-minute time limit provides a sufficiently rich game experience that will to convince you to buy it. When you decide to purchase the program, you need to download the fully functional version once again. So remember where you downloaded the trial version so that you don’t lose settings and progress you made in the trial version. This program really is a good value for $9.95.

Heavy Hogur Game Download
Buy Heavy Hogur $9.99

Spelagon AB created Heavy Hogur.

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