TurtleWorld IPhone IPad Game Download

PlaySnack, self described “makers of delicious games”, released TurtleWorld, a physics based arcade game for the IPhone and the IPad priced at $0.99. Turtleworld stars Frank, an ordinary turtle tasked with doing extra-ordinary things like shooting Frank’s shell at the bad guys.

So far in our attempts to play TurtleWorld we have found the controls to be less than intuitive. We shoot the shell once. It lands in the corner of the screen with a fuscia arrow pointing down at the shell. We tapped the shell again expecting it to rocket towards the bad guys but it doesn’t move. We will try playing TurtleWorld more later today. Also we think Playsnack should consider renaming the game to something like Frank the Turtle Saves the World From Really Bad Beings.

TurtleWorld IPhone IPad Game Download

Turtle World is an action-packed physics-based survival game for kids and grownups with stunning visuals and super cute characters.

Use Frank’s signature move , shell throwing, to hit enemies around the playfield. Collect PowerSnails to unlock new abilities for Frank, turning his shell into a fireball, bombs, a poisonous cloud, a homing missile and more!
Have Frank eat his favorite food, lettuces, to unleash his inner powers and give his enemies what they deserve.
Be careful with each world’s hazards like falling rocks, icy grounds and spikes!

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