Crowman & Wolfboy iOS Adventure Game

We came across this game trailer on Kickstarter for Crowman & Wolfboy, iOS Adventure game from Pittsburgh Wither Studios. Wither Studios describes Crowman & Wolfboy as “an Epic Platformer with more than 30 levels, 15 environments and 3 play modes. In Crowman & Wolfboy, the main characeters become disheartened with their shadowy friends and find a photo that gives hope. They decide to leave but the shadowy friends won’t let them go easily. Kind of like in the movie The American where George Clooney’s character, a professional assassin decided to leave his murderous profession but his employers don’t want to really let him go.

Wither Studios will accept donations at their Kickstarter page found at this link:

Crowman & WolfBoy iOS Adventure Game on Kickstarter

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