Gremlin Invasion PC Game Download

The gremlins are coming! The gremlins are coming! Not really. You actually invade a planet full of Gremlins but we will get to that in a minute. CS Squared Games produced this trailer for Gremlin Invasion, their upcoming downloadable PC and Mac game due out in 2012. They are looking for backers in Kickstarter.

Gremlin Invasion Kickstarter Link

They describe Gremlin Invasion’ as a fast-paced overhead shooter where (as we mentioned above) you play a mercenary who has been hired to invade a gremlin-infested planet to wipe them out, using their souls as currency to buy new weapons along the way. These weapons include: Standard Gun, Shotgun, Plasma Blaster, Flamethrower, Rocket Launcher, Nuke Bomber… and grenades.” Gremlin Invasion offers two play modes: Single player and co-op plus they throw in leaderboards.

Gremlin Invasion Game Demo Download

CS Squared Games shares how exactly they will use the KickStarter funds as follows:

So far we’ve been able to build 3 levels of this game in just under a year with only 3 team members, working in our spare time. However, it’s come to a point where we’re serious about finishing this game, adding the level of polish a real game deserves, and giving our game a fighting chance in the market. To do this we need to hire another level designer/3d modeler, musician and we plan to show our game off at GDC — the biggest game developer conference in the world. We’ve gotten pretty far without any funding, but without some help from you, it will be impossible to finish this project. So please, help us out in any way you can and we’ll produce an awesome game and give you all sorts of great rewards!

What we’re going to add/where your money is going

Co-op campaign mode
12-15 more levels
14-20 more characters
4-15 new mini-games
Servers to run online games
Composer to create original soundtrack & sound effects
GDC Play kiosk @ GDC 2012 in San Francisco

Gremlin Invasion Kickstarter Link

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