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Sarasota, Florida based Mob Rules decided to use an interesting approach to their fundraising efforts on Kickstarter for their game development. Most game companies on Kickstarter allow backers to donate money for a specific game. Mob Rules allows backers to vote by designating which Mob Rules game will receive the backer’s funds: Guerrilla Gorilla, Haunts and The Last Second. Feel free to visit the Mob Rules Kickstarter page.

Mob Rules Kickstarter Page

We were lucky to receive this written update from Commander Kondo, the lead guerilla gorilla in Mob Rules’ Guerrilla Gorilla, a turn-based, squad combat game that simulates the desperate struggle of a small, dedicated force against a larger and better-equipped tyrannical foe.

I don’t talk to humans much, so you will have to forgive me if I’m “rude.” But when the only MAN you’ve ever met is a tyrant who killed your father and is lording himself over every gorilla, chimp, and other animal in the jungle, well, let’s just say it’s hard for an old silverback like me to care much about human “manners.”

Mob Rules Commander Kondo

I’m leading a revolution. A fight against someone my fellow animals and I call The Man, a tyrant orphaned by his human parents and raised in amy gorilla troop as my brother. A human who as an adult has used his honeyed speeches and clever “tools” to subjugate tribes, herds, and packs of my fellow jungle dwellers – formally free animals. Many are too blinded by his charms to see his vile nature, but my brave band of fighters know him for the foul thing that he is. We have sworn to topple him.

But we can’t do it alone. We need help, and I’m told that there are other humans who will aid us against The Man. I’ve also heard there are humans who believe in ghosts and want to haunt houses and other humans who think they can stop the sun as it crosses the sky. It sounds to me like humans will believe any mad thing – but I’m here to tell you that mine is the true “good cause.”

Oh, I’m supposed to make sure to tell you it will be “fun” and “a unique strategy game experience” and “available on the IPad and desktops.” It’s all mannish nonsense as far as I can tell, but if you need to hear that to support the fight for freedom, well there. I said it.

Now I have a war to win.

Mob Rules Kickstarter Page

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