Tap N Roll Physics Ball Game

Digital Prunes, indie mobile game developers most famous for their game Slingshot Cowboys, sent us this game development update from the ball, the main character in their upcoming physics game Tap ‘n’ Roll Physics. Digital Prunes would love some help from you to contribute to the funding on Tap ‘n’ Roll Physics through Rockethub.

“I am a very athletic kind of ball. I love jumping from swings, rolling off the platforms and jumping up and down on the trampolines. And what makes it real fun is that special trick I learned. No other ball I’ve seen in other physics puzzles have figured it out yet. I can switch my identity real fast whenever I you tell me so by the tap of a button.

Tap – and I am a heavy metal ball, and it makes me jump real high on the trampoline. Tap – and I am a rubber ball, and it makes me bounce off the walls, bump into things and knock them down. And the thing is – what makes it a breathtaking roller-coaster for me – I never know when you make me switch. I could be dropping like a rock just about to hit the ground real hard but at the very last moment you make me turn into a balloon and I start floating pushed around by gentle breathes.

Speaking of balloons, this is the latest trick I learned, thanks to my Creator, just a few days ago. You can see me doing it in the video if you watch it through the end. And my Creator told me that he can teach me many more! He also told that he needs a little help from you. He was talking about some “fuel”. I don’t know what he means but I think if you go to this link it explains it all.

Now, let me go back to my trampolines. As much as I enjoy talking to you I have been sitting here for way too long. See you later! Tap’N’Jump, Tap’N’Switch, Tap’N’Roll…”

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