Zombicider Game Character Development Diary

Written by Slow Pete, Star of the game Zombicider, by Better Bug Games coming to Kongregate.

Avast ye scurvy dogs! Slow Pete here, an the scags over at Better Bug Games ‘ave tasked me wit relayin news from the front lines. Would that they’d tell ye themselves, but ‘tween fighting off hordes o’ zombies and building Zombicider, they’ve given the duty te me.

Zombicider be enterin the final phase o’ alpha. No longer are ye fightin in a world without sounds, which always kind of confused poor ol’ Slow Pete, here. Whether ye prefer te splatter zombie brains wit a plain ol’ pistol, or if’n ye be preferrin tha big guns, yeh’ll hear a rumble and a bang wit each shot. Not ter be mentioning when yeh be pickin up health packs or finishing a level. I be tellin yeh, the first time they slapped those headgamaphones ter me ears and I failed a level, I thought Davy Jones had actually come ter claim me back ter the sea.

Other features now in the works ter be completin alpha be addin in level and weapon unlocks, instead o’ havin access ter ever’thing right away (seems a shame ter be lockin up all that plunder), addin in saving capabilities fer multi-session Zombiciding (can’t they just be usin a block o’ cork fer saving?), and massive fiddling wit knobs ‘n levers an whatnot ter balance out them there levels.

Zombicider Screenshot

Zombicider Screenshot

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