Snap Trap iOS Puzzle Game Download

8 Bit Grenade released Snap Trap for the iPhone 3 GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, 3rd & 4th generation iPod Touch priced at $2.99. 8 Bit Grenade says Snap Trap uses Apple’s touch screen technology, in an unique and intuitive way. We aren’t sure about that but the game looks like a souped version of the classic game Snake and consumers think twice about paying $2.99 for Snap Trap.

In Snap Trap, according to 8 Bit Grenade, “You are a hungry mouse determined to collect every piece of cheese, but lying in your way is an assortment of deadly traps including: mouse traps, booby traps, tripwire grenades, and dynamite. Your goal is to navigate around these traps and return home safely.

Snap Trap Game Download $2.99

The game offers 30 levels of something for everyone. Arcade, action, adventure, strategy and puzzle all wrapped up into one! Explore 30 levels in three areas: the attic, kitchen, and basement. New traps are introduced in each area, as the gameplay progressively becomes more challenging. Take your time to strategize, plan your routes, or go kamikaze style! Find the fastest routes, for higher scores, in this stylized adventure from 8 Bit Grenade.”

Snap Trap Features

*Intuitive and unique touch screen controls.
*High-quality stylized artwork.
*30 levels of arcade style action.
*Navigate around and avoid 6 deadly traps
*Strategize, plan your routes or go kamikaze style!
*Find the fastest route for higher scores!
*Are you a Pipsqueak or are you Smooth Cheese? Get character ratings based on overall score.
*Earn up to 3 stars per level makes for high replay value.
*Something for everyone. Arcade, Action, Adventure, Strategy and a little bit of Puzzle all wrapped up into one!

Snap Trap Game Download $2.99

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