Angry Chickens iOS Game Download

Angry Chickens iOS Game Screenshot

Angry Birds, Angry Zombies, Angry Bomb, Angry Hippo, Angry Frogs, Angry King Kong, Angry Viking, and now Paulo Reis and Digital Minds released Angry Chickens, both in lite and paid versions on Apple’s iOS platform both for the IPhone and IPad not to be confused with the Angry Chicken game available in the Android Marketplace which isn’t the same game.

Angry Chickens uses similar graphics as Angry Birds but different game play. The Chickens are angry with the blue chickens. Rather than using a slingshot like device to collapse the blue chickens structures you chop their buildings with an axe. Clunky, at best, describes Angry Chickens. Here’s another example. This instruction appears on the five level of the game: “Only after falling from the top blue chicken burst.”

Angry Chickens Lite iOS Game Download
Angry Chickens Pro Game Download

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