To-Fu 2 Apple Game of the Year RunnerUp

We receive many press releases from game developers who simply ported their PC game to the iOS platform and Android platforms. The games may be first person shooters or match 3 puzzle games. So many of these games fail to take advantage of the unique elements of the iOS and touch pad platform capabilities. They are simply plain old PC games “fixed” to work on the iOS or Android platforms. Happily we cannot say this about a game called To-Fu 2, created by UK based HotGen which Apple named RunnerUp Best Game of 2011. We are embarrassed we missed To-Fu 2 when it came out earlier this September.

In To FU 2 the game player must direct the main character To Fu using his special Ping powers to collect chi and solve each level’s puzzle. You have to bypass obstacles like spiked walls, moving conveyor belts and booby traps. Look To Fu 2’s Game Trailer. To Fu 2 offers an amazing unique playing experience and its free to play. HotGen put ads To Fu 2 and consumers can by custom upgrades and dojo themes. Judging by the reviews in the Itunes stores quite a few To Fu2 users are very unhappy about the presence of and the number of ads seen in the game but we didn’t have a problem with them.

To Fu 2 Free iOS Puzzle Game Download

To Fu 2 System Requirements

IPhone, IPod Touch, IPad and requires iOS 3.0 or later.

Here’s Hotgen’s description of To Fu 2:

In ‘To-Fu 2’, players are able to launch To-Fu faster than ever before with the use of his special new Super Ping which can be charged up and released. Use this awe-inspiring new move to break obstacles and speed through difficult areas in a blur. Alongside this, there are new obstacle types including the addition of 45 degree corners – meaning that To-Fu can now rebound around corners – as well as may others.

To Fu 2 Free iOS Puzzle Game Download

This free version comes with adverts which can be removed with any In-App-Purchase, and any previous In-App-Purchase will remove the adverts as well once these have been restored.

At the time of writing, since launch, To-Fu 2 has: Apple ‘Runner Up’ Game of the Year 2011 Game of the Week in 141 app stores World Wide Earned 82 per cent Metacritic

Available on iPad, iPhone and iPod, To-Fu: 2 is an iOS game like no other, featuring a one-of-a-kind touch-screen mechanic that enables you to stretch and ‘ping’ the courageous To-Fu through each of the 120 levels.

The game’s control system couldn’t be more intuitive – negating the need for on-screen buttons – simply requiring the player to grab To-Fu with their finger, dragging him to stretch and releasing to ping. The adhesive To-Fu will stick to almost any surface.

To Fu 2 Free iOS Puzzle Game Download

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