Attack the Fridge iOS Puzzle Game Download

Cygni Software released Attack the Fridge, a puzzle game for the IPhone and IPad priced at $1.99. In Attack the Fridge the game player must draw arrows directing the mice to the cheese. So far after the first few levels Attack The Fridge seems like a simple game appropriate for kids and families.

Attack the Fridge IPhone Puzzle Game Download $1.99
Attack the Fridge IPad Puzzle Game Download $1.99

Here’s the description of Attack the Fridge from Cygni Software:

Attack the Fridge! is a fast paced puzzle game which will tease your brains. There is a long standing competition between the Purple and Yellow Mice clans: Who will get most of the food? The Yellow Mice clan is less numerous so they need a good boss who will help them outsmart the Purple Mice clan. You’ll need not only logic but also quick reactions as the action can become really hectic – up to 150 mice can run out of the holes to storm the supplies. You’ll need not only to invent the plan of action but also execute it with conviction and confidence.

There are more than 100 levels in the game divided into five different worlds with increasing difficulty. You will face different problems in every level: It is necessary to grab the best food quickly sometimes, the next time you might need to protect the pile of supplies from an assault of Purple mice. Or you have to pass through tricky mazes to get to the reward within the strict time limit.

Attack the Fridge IPhone Puzzle Game Download $1.99
Attack the Fridge IPad Puzzle Game Download $1.99

Use “swipe” to draw Arrows in the maze to navigate your mice towards the food and bonuses. Drag traps and bonuses from the panel directly to the point you have to place them in the maze. There is easily accessible Help in the game if you need any advice – and if you are not able to complete a particular level after three attempts, you can ask for a tip on how to complete it!

There are plenty of traps and bonuses that may help you win the game – from Simple traps, annoying Blasters, Fake food, which lures the enemy from the real one, to the Recolor Spray that can change the color of the mice and Mines. You can even evoke the Miaow Daemon which will roam the level and scare the wits out of the mice! You can even block the routes using four different types of Walls.

You will be amazed by dozens of beautifully animated cartoon mice running among exploding Mines, screaming Blasters and other traps that await them in the labyrinth. And if the mouse meets its doom by the hands of Mouse Reaper, its soul will ascend to heaven!

Every level may be won either with a Silver or Gold Star rating and you will receive points based on your performance. These points are added to your total rating on Leaderboards. You may therefore compare your performance with your friends and find out who is the best boss of the mice gang!

Attack the Fridge IPhone Puzzle Game Download $1.99
Attack the Fridge IPad Puzzle Game Download $1.99

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