Don’t Fry the Frog iOS Arcade Game Download

Don't Fry The Frog iOS Arcade Game Download

Black Torch Games released “Don’t Fry The Game” as a free to play game on the iOS Platform. You must make sure the Frog eats the “right” kind of healthy bugs by zapping the not so healthy bugs. You create the zapping by touching two fingers to your screen at the same time. You move your fingers towards the zapping targets while avoiding the frog and healthy flys. Don’t Fry the Frog has promise although you need both hands on your device to play the game. Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad requiring iOS 4.3 or later. Consumers can play Don’t Fry the Frog for free and pay for a jar of Fly pennies.

Don’t Fry The Frog Free iOS Game Download

Here’s a Don’t Fry The Frog description from Black Torch Games:

Don’t Fry the Frog revolves around Frog, an amiable amphibian with an insatiable appetite. As Frog travels around his pond looking for food, gamers will create a moveable electric current between their two fingers on the screen. Players must use the electric beam to zap bad flies while making sure to not shock Frog or any of the healthy flies. The game features different types of flies that have various positive and negative effects on Frog.

Don’t Fry The Frog Free iOS Game Download

Don ’t Fry the Frog features:

• Multi-touch – A unique control scheme lets players easily grow or shrink their beam to reach the flies. Keep contact with the screen for an increased point multiplier.
• Special Flies – 5 different types of flies must be zapped or avoided, depending on their attributes and how they affect Frog.
• Visit Zeke’s Hopshop – Earn fly pennies to spend in the Hopshop, unlocking new fly abilities and beams, as well as tools for Frog.
• Level-Up Leaps – Max out the leap level at 30 by zapping through all of the in-game challenges, earning fly pennies and new environments for Frog.
• Zap a High Score – Facebook and Twitter integration to notify friends when their high scores are leapfrogged.

Don’t Fry The Frog Free iOS Game Download

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