Carl The Spider iOS Platform Game Download

Oklahoma based Tagger Games released Carl The Spider, a platform game available for download on the iOS platform for $0.99. In Carl the Spider you help guide the spider through the level by touching and holding the spot the spider should aim his web. You must hold the touch on the spot until the Spider is over his target area. Once you release Carl drops hopefully onto the right landing zone. You have to be fairly precise when touching the screen because Tagger Game hasn’t left much room for error when moving the spider along his path. If you miss then spot the spider dies. You will understand how to play Carl the Spider but it will be tough to master.

Carl The Spider iOS Platform Game Download $0.99

Here’s Carl the Spider’s description from Tagger Games:

“Carl the Spider is a unique, new iPhone game designed with a classic feel, with unique features that make the game enjoyable and fun for everyone. You play as Carl, the rolling, jumping, and web-swinging spider, whose goal is to reach the door that leads to the next level. Carl the Spider comes with 60 levels at launch, split into two sets; The Grasslands and The Winterlands, each with beautiful scenic backgrounds and music to match the theme.

Carl the Spider iOS Platform Game Download $0.99

Each level set contains unique features and mechanics that affect the way Carl navigates through the levels. In the Grasslands, there are normal bricks to swing from and roll over, as well as bricks later on that will shatter and break into smaller pieces when struck hard enough. There are boulders Carl can attach web to that will break harder surfaces (concrete), and springs that will launch Carl in a multitude of directions. In the Winterlands, Carl will slide on ice, and swing from metal blocks; he’ll avoid treacherous icicles, and ride on and swing from movable platforms, all in an effort to get to the level’s door. Each level offers up hidden ladybugs for Carl to collect in order to increase the player’s score for the level.

The gameplay is interactive and focused on the player interacting with the environment directly in the decisions made while playing – the player touches a surface, and Carl attaches a strand of web to that surface. If the player swipes their finger on the screen in tandem with Carl’s movement, Carl’s momentum will increase, and he will swing farther. Jumping (and double jumping) is controlled via simple swipe gestures, so as to keep the screen free and clear of any UI clutter. The unique thing about Carl the Spider is the swinging mechanism – it allows for movement decisions to be made on the fly, and once you really get Carl swinging, it’s sure to bring a smile to your face.

The app features Game Center and comes with some fun achievements at release, as well as a leaderboard, enabling players to compare their progress and scores with their peers.

Future updates will bring thirty levels of the Firelands to purchasers’ phones, and an iPad version is expected to be released soon.

Overall, Carl is a unique and fun experience for users, and I am excited to bring the game into the world. The game was developed by myself, John Rubin (under the Tagger Games alias) and is 99 cents.

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
* Requires iOS 4.1 or later
* 35.6 MB

Carl the Spider iOS Platform Game Download $0.99

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