IBubble Trouble iOS Game Download

Pentaloop released iBubble Trouble, a bubble themed arcade game for the iOS platform priced at $0.99. IBubble Trouble looks simple to play after watching the video but it’s kind of hard. Maybe we need to sharpen our eye hand coordination but the bubble keeps crushing us.

IBubble Trouble iOS Game Download $0.99

In IBubble Trouble you play an alien who must fight off attacks from deadly bubbles with weapons designed to pop said bubbles. The bubbles bounce on the screen from left to right, rather than float in the air. You scroll back and forth from left to right to get under a bubble to shoot it before it lands on your head. Popping the bubble causes it to split into smaller bubbles, shrinking the size of your target.

See? It sounds simple but it gets progressively more difficult.

IBubble Trouble iOS Game Download $0.99

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