Bitter Sam iOS Physics Game Download

Bitter Sam iOS Physics Game

Bitter Sam iOS Physics Arcade Game

Moon Active Games released Bitter Sam, a clever iOS Physics game priced at $0.99.

Bitter Sam features Sam, a little creature kidnapped by a scientist who forces Sam to search a bottomless pit for special crystals. The scientist lowers Sam on a rope into the pit and you must tilt your device to swing Sam away from danger like stones and cutting devices and towards the crystals to acquire them. We breezed through the first four levels which act as the tutorial but were stopped cold on the five level. The obstacles get trickier and the power-ups get harder to acquire without cutting the rope and dropping Sam to his death.

Bitter Sam iOS Game Download $0.99

Moon Active’s Description of Bitter Sam:

Sam’s life has never been easy. Overlooked by his family, never the top of his class, a victim of lost love… and now he’s been kidnapped by a scientist and tossed into a bottomless pit to search for crystals which hold a secret power.

Bitter Sam’s features Include:

• Physics-based tilt controls
• 100 challenging levels (with more to come) filled with deadly spikes, rotating blades, and other perilous obstacles
• 5 different worlds to master
• Unique power-ups to help Sam survive his journey, from exploding inflatable pigs to invincible ropes
• Game center connectivity with global leaderboards – compete with your friends for perfect scores!

Bitter Sam iOS Game Download $0.99

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