Back Nomsters Game on Kickstarter

You have 20 plus hours left to back Nomsters, a fast paced arcade puzzle game from New York based indie game studio Large Animal Games, on KickStarter.

Back Nomsters on Kickstarter

Judging from the video Nomsters combines elements of pinball, pool blended with puzzle elements. Here’s how Large Animal Games describes Nomsters:

“The survival of the Nomsters home planet is at stake! The evil Fruit Fly army from a neighboring galaxy has begun stealing the Nomsters’ very lifeblood – their precious supply of fresh fruit.

Back Nomsters on Kickstarter

A rag-tag team of Nomsters has banded together to challenge the Flies, but they are out-numbered and, frankly, out-witted. These heroic underdogs need your help to collect all of the fruit before it’s stolen by the Fruit Flies.

Nomsters features hours of both single player and turn-based multiplayer gameplay for iOS and Android. It’s a fast-paced arcade puzzler and an astroNOMical amount of fun.

You’ll see all-new mechanics like moving obstacles and challenging new bumper types – even Fruit Flies who sneak into the level mid-way to steal fruit! After launch, we plan to continue expanding the Nomsters world with new powerups, more Nomsters, and additional level packs featuring different types of never-before-seen interactive game objects. ”

Back Nomsters on Kickstarter

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