Gratuitous Tank Battles Game Demo Download

Positech Games released the Gratuitous Tank Battles downloadable demo although you can purchase the full version of GTB now for $22.95 through their site, Steam, Gamers Gate and Impulse Driven.

Gratuitous Tank Battles Demo Game Download

Imagine, if you will, that the Great War, (World War 1) never ended and continues raging for over 200 years with tanks, turrets, mechs and infantry armed with laser rifles. Positech Games, an UK based indie game developer of games like Gratuitous Space Battles, Kudos 2 and Democracy 2, released Gratuitous Tank Battles consumers can download to their PC’s for $22.95.

Gamers can also buy the game from Steam, GamersGate, and Impulse Driven.

Here’s the description from Positech Games:

Gratuitous Tank Battles is an alternate-history game, set sometime between now and 2214, in a two-hundred year continuous world war one, Patriotic British and German troops continue to wage war across Europe, even though the technology has moved from bolt action rifles through modern day tanks and powerful laser weapons and shields. The armies still make use of guns and tanks, but they are fighting alongside newer, more deadly walking ‘mechs’.

A 2D top-down game, like many classic tower-defence titles, GTB aims to dispel the myth that 2D games can’t get the most out of modern graphics cards. Lasers, explosions, searchlights and gunfire crackle across the screen in daytime, through the night, and even in a cool night-vision mode. All of the maps can be tweaked and edited, or even designed entirely from scratch, right within the game itself, with no special knowledge or tools needed to create a new battleground. Don’t like the position of a certain trench on level 3? a few mouse clicks later it’s changed, and you are playing the new custom map.

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