Support The Pocalypse Defense on Indiegogo

Canadian based Green Pixel Games would appreciate your financial support of their upcoming game called The Pocalypse Defense. Green Pixel describes The Pocalypse Defense as a RPG Tower Defense video game which they will release for the PC and IPad presumably later this year. They are raising funds on the IndieGogo platform. They based the game on their web comic The Pocalypse.

Support The Pocalypse Defense on IndieGogo

Here’s how Green Pixel describes The Pocalypse Defense:

The Pocalypse Defense 2 will be an RPG/tower defense game that will be available on PC/Mac/Linux platforms and on your iPad. Your main goal will be to rebuild your post-apocalyptic survivors’ colony and destroy the monsters that attack it!

Based on The Pocalypse, you’ll be leading a group of familiar characters, or Heroes – from the incompetent, yet powerful, Powerfist to the battle-hardened, optimistic sniper, Arbiter. Along with many other Heroes and over 30 unique units that will fight to the death, you’ll have plenty of firepower to ward off The Pocalypse’s monsters! … Right?

The world of The Pocalypse is a post-apocalyptic wasteland that has been devastated by every post-apocalyptic scenario Hollywood has to offer! You’ll be fighting brain-hungry zombies, powerful mutants, cunning vampires, relentless machines, swarms of plant monsters, and every other nightmare from The Pocalypse webcomic!

Support The Pocalypse Defense on IndieGogo

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