Great Big War Game Trailer

Would you like to see a military general wearing tidy whitey underwear? Maybe not. Would you like to see the trailer to the sequel of one best strategy war video games released in the last few years? Rubicon Development unleashed this game trailer above for the sequel to their award winning strategy war game called “Great Little War Game”. They have creatively named the sequel “Great Big War Game” which features the General as well as many of the same characters from the first game.

Rubicon Development will release Great Big War Game in a few weeks on both iOS and Android and possibly PB/BB10 too. A Mac appstore version will follow and later in the year they will sell Great Big War Game in retail stores.

Here’s a partial list of the features from Great Big War Game:

* Asynchronous multi-player added. Play your games on any supported platform vs someone else on any supported platform, at your own pace. Switch between them at will
* 50 Mission campaign, all on bigger maps with much more going on
* Destructible buildings
* Fog of War added
* Splash damage for grenadiers, artillery and cruisers
* Massively better AI for campaign and skirmish games
* Battle Points to buff troops permanently
* Full in-game help pages
* Medic unit added
* Attack Chopper added
* Cruiser Tank added
* Scout unit added
* Technician unit added – can now build defensive turrets anywhere on battlefield

Great Big War Game Features continued:

* Sentry Gun added – fires at every enemy in range at start of upkeep
* Pounder Gun added – fixed gun emplacement. Takes very heavy damage, shoots ground
* Air Turret added – fixed gun emplacement. Takes very heavy damage, shoots air
* Landmines added – technician places several around him
* Fleet Oiler unit added – resupplies other ships
* Blood splatters added on a settings toggle
* Added “Shuffle” and “Vroom” etc. for hidden units moving
* Added “Rocky” environment
* Radar structure added
* “Undo” now undoes everything (apart from stepping on mines)
* Eight save slots
* “Candy” cropping up in the story/cartoons
* Promotions now give increased defence as well as previous stuff (attack increase/heal/resupply)
* Damage rebalanced for less instakills
* Unit prices tweaked
* Independent volume control for unit speech
* Campaign win finale
* Fully 3D cartoons
* Achievements show percentage completion where relevant. (Implemented via Raz0r RZPlayer stuff to be ported to iOS)
* More achievements
* Wider range of challenges/mission types
* Troop cadences
* New music (and more of it)
* Better sound effects
* Friends and Foes lists
* Front end rework
* Better “more games” system with textual announcements that can carry hotlinks
* Much better tutorial levels
* “Hail Mary” bonuses for multiplayer
* Cash bonus for capturing neutral derricks

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