Guano iOS Arcade Game Download

Has a bird ever crapped on your head? Have you ever wanted to crap on a human? In Guano, an iOS arcade game for the iOS Platform where the game player must “dump” some bird doo on human heads from Baltimore based Big Goose Egg Games became available last week. Guano costs $0.99.

Guano iOS Arcade Game Download $0.99.

Guano game players steer their bird characters over a park in search of human targets. Players tilt their device to guide the bird from side to side. You must tap the screen when you are directly above the humans to hit them with the bird dung otherwise you will miss the humans. You must also dodge the rocks humans throw at you. Its virtually impossible to hit all the humans because the game scrolls as you move.

We are highlighting Guano because we think it offers a humorous and simple game play concept.

Here’s the description of Guano from Big Goose Egg Games:

The unsuspecting people below quickly catch on and begin to fight back. “It’s not the birds who are angry, it’s the people,” says Dr. Tori, “The better you get at hitting your targets, the more they throw things at you. Anticipating this, you can equip your bird character with defenses such as helmets and leather jackets. My six children love this game, but my wife not so much. She thinks it is gross.”

Guano iOS Arcade Game Download $0.99.

Steered by tilting the device, Guano! contains three randomized, never-ending scenes that make the game different each time it is played. Big Goose Egg coins are earned based on number of people hit, distance traveled, and accuracy. Those coins are then available to unlock advanced game features such as new characters, defense equipment and new maps. Scores may be shared via GameCenter, Twitter, Facebook and email.

Guano! – The Bird Targeting Game 1.0 has the following features:
* Randomized maps
* Unlock new bird characters – pigeons, owls, and eagles
* Simple to play – Tilt to steer – Tap to release
* 6 special defenses. Unlock helmets, battle gear, leather jackets and others
* Hidden point accelerators (For example, one is to hit people or dogs when they are looking up)
* Multiplayer through Game Center
* Universal game works on iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, iPad 2, and iPad 3
* Never-ending maps – The game lasts as long as the bird survives

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
* Requires iOS 3.1 or later
* 21.6 MB

Guano iOS Arcade Game Download $0.99.

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