Jake Escapes Arcade Game Download

Too Funny Games released Jake Escapes, an unique and frustrating HD arcade game consumers can play on their IPhones and IPads for $1.99.

Jake Escapes iOS Arcade Game Download $1.99

The game stars Jake, described as the world’s greatest thief who partner’s with a character named Doc to steal something called the Holy G.R.A.I.L. Extra Terrestrial aliens allegedly deposited the G.R.A.I.L. on earth and now finds itself at Area 51. Everyone in the world fights Jake and the Doc to get their hands on the device.

Bad guys include the mob and the US government. We didn’t know they were separate entities.

Jake must climb the outside of buildings on cities like Paris and Moscow to find clues and advance the story. We found the movement controls to be counter intuitive. To move Jake right on the building swipe left. To move left swipe right. To make Jake jump to the next story about him, swipe down. You can swipe diagonally to make Jake move diagonally.

Jake Escapes iOS Arcade Game Download $1.99

We think Jake Escapes has a lot of potential. The game mechanic does offer unique play but Too Funny Games should improve the game controls to justify the $1.99 price.

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