Icy Tower 2 iOS Arcade Game Screenshots

Icy Tower 2 iOS Arcade Game Download

Imagine if a video game stays on the Top Games list in both the Itunes or Google Play stores for 11 years by offering simple fun addictive game play rather than spending millions of marketing dollars to accelerate the game’s install velocity.

Update: Free Lunch Design released Icy Tower 2 for the IPhone and IPad. Click this link to download Icy Tower 2.

Icy Tower, an arcade game for the PC first appeared in CNET Download.com’s Most Popular list in 2001 when Free Lunch Design first unleashed this arcade monster an as of today still ranks as the seventh most popular PC game download. We acknowledge Download.com cache has softened a bit over the years especially for video games. Many game developers will tell you the site doesn’t factor into any of their marketing plans, at all.

Staying on that list still says something about Icy Tower. Free Lunch Design plans to release the sequel to Icy Tower sometime in the fall. They plan to call it .. can you guess? Icy Tower 2. Details about Icy Tower 2 are sparse but the game developer released these screenshots for Icy Tower 2.

In Icy Tower and Icy Tower 2, you must make the main character jump up floors as the screen scrolls up. If main character sinks below the screen the game ends. You generate a high score by jumping up a lot of levels. Its kind of like Temple Run where you must run as far as possible before the creepy angry monkeys catch you. As far as we know there won’t be anything chasing you but that would make the game harder and more interesting.

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