Commando Jack FPS Tower Defense Combo iOS Game

Colossal Games and Chillingo Games released Commmando Jack, an iOS game offering a unique combination of first person shooter and tower defense game play for $0.99. You can buy more cash in the game for an addition $0.99.

You must defend the earth from an alien invasion in different geographic locations like Paris, Tokyo, Cairo and good old New York. For each level you place turrets and defenses around your main position. Then you toggle to the first person shooter perspective where you can fire at the aliens as they approach. Within the FPS mode you can toggle between a close up view and longer distance view. The close up view helps improve your accuracy when you shoot the weapon. Commando Jack offers a fun strategic and action oriented game play for IPhone and IPad users.

Commando Jack iOS Action Strategy Game Download $0.99

Here’s the Commando Jack game description from Colossal Games:

“The Alien threat is targeting tourist hotspots around the globe; deploy your defences, upgrade your arsenal and take control of the battle before the alien menace takes over. Commando Jack’s arsenal comprises of four defence turrets, one remote control grenade turret, and three guns which can all be upgraded three times each. Add to this a nuclear bomb and a UAV which provides an ariel view like a gunship, and you’ve got 26 different items to defend the planet. Also, the addition of three perks to use and swap mid-battle allow increasing turret or weapon power or boosting build points earned, adding another layer of strategy. The four difficulty modes dramatically alter the battlefield and provide different strategic challenges.

Commando Jack iOS Action Strategy Game Download $0.99

The nine alien types bring the game alive, with most enemies in the game reacting and changing to the way you play. For instance, the heavy ‘Kamikaze alien’ walks towards Commando Jack cradling a belt of grenades, but once its nearly dead, enraged, it runs faster towards Jack, with its arms flailing in the air, leaving its grenades open to gunfire!

Game Features:

Classic Tower Defence combined with First-Person Shooter
MULTIPLE VIEW POINTS: First-Person, Third-Person and Aerial views
MULTI-ZOOM: Zoom in and out of the battlefield
5 LOCATIONS: Can you save London, New York, Paris, Tokyo & Cairo?
4 BESPOKE DIFFICULTY MODES: every level is customised for each difficulty
26 WEAPONS: Five defence towers, three guns, both with three upgrades each and two super weapons at your disposal
IN-GAME PERKS: Increase gun power, turret power or build points

5 interactive enemies; target and expose their weak points
2 interactive bosses, will you destroy the Mothership’s booster jets first, or go for its eye straight away?
1 mechanical flying shark (sorry lasers not included)
1 sniper

ENDLESS MODE: How long will you survive?
SHOP: Buy new weapons, perks etc or upgrade your existing arsenal
HUGE boss fights
20+ HOURS GAMEPLAY: Can you unlock everything?
44 Achievements and leaderboards”

Commando Jack iOS Action Strategy Game Download $0.99

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