Running Dead iOS Game Download

Leal Arts released their take on the running video game genre called “Running Dead”. As you might guess you are running away from zombies who have overtaken your town. Running Dead costs $0.99 on either the IPhone or IPad but we think the game plays better on the IPhone.

Running Dead iOS Arcade Game Download $0.99

Not only do the zombies chase you from behind but they also will block you from the front. You must shoot them with a handgun while running from their zombie friends chasing you. You don’t really have to aim; as you get within range of the zombie a red reticule appears on its head so you just have to pull the trigger. If you had to aim you would die fairly quickly.

As you run, you must collect the power ups like more ammunition, land mines and special survivor shots. You can move from side to side to avoid abandoned vehicles blocking your way or to navigate through formerly occupied houses. You control movements by either tapping the screen or tilting the device. For this reason we think Running Dead plays better on the IPhone because it allows you to tilt with one hand while tapping the screen to shoot to zombies.

Running Dead offers decent game play and entertainment for $0.99.

Running Dead iOS Arcade Game Download $0.99

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