Rovio’s Bad Piggies Game Download

Rovio, kings the gaming world, released Bad Piggies, a downloadable video game playable on the iOS, Android, PC and Mac platforms. Bad Piggies features the pigs who pissed off the birds in the Angry Birds line of games. According to their web site, Rovio says that this Bad Piggies game will be the first of a whole line of games starring the bird hating pigs as the heroes.

Bad Piggies iOS Game Download
Bad Piggies Android Game Download
Bad Piggies PC Game Download
Bad Piggies Mac Game Download

How does Bad Piggies differ from Angry Birds? Bad Piggies takes place on Piggy Island, where you must construct vehicles to enable the pigs to travel as opposed to destroy structures a la Angry Birds. In our opinion the game play resembles the Amazing Alex experience more than the Angry Birds game, at least so far.

Consumers can play 60 levels for the cost of the game ($.99 on iOS And Android, $4.95 on the PC and Mac). If you get three stars you unlock 30 additional levels.

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