Democracy 2 Political Simulation PC Game On Steam

Tired of the political bullshit in Washington DC or your own country’s capital? Do you want to try your hand at making executive decisions for a country? Are you plugged into Steam? You can play Democracy 2, a political simulation created by Cliff Harris, a one man independent game developer based in the UK who convinced his wife to leave a well paying job in the sciences to move to the English countryside so he could develop video games for a living. Cliff also had to convince his cats. From what we understand the cats took some convincing.

Democracy 2 costs $19.99 but you can get 20% off through October 18th.

Democracy 2 PC Game Download $19.99

Which country do you want to lead?

Malaganga – a debt ridden state where voting is compulsory

Mexilando – a military state with constitutional democracy

Bananistan – socialist and agricultural country vulnerable to earthquakes.

Koana – Capitalist Heaven

Gaiatopia – Eco-Aware State

Biblonia – Religious State vulnerable to hurricanes

Freedonia – Liberal and Atheist

Zambeezia -agricultural and poor, high level of political apathy

Gregaria – Wealthy and Capitalist

USA – World’s Only Remaining Super (some would say Stupid) Power.

As the simulated leader you must balance decisions about revenue and expenditures while dealing with different motivations, loyalties, and desires of the interested parties. Schools and universities use Democracy 2 to teach students about ego-political decisions.

Democracy 2 PC Game Download $19.99

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