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Written by John Busher

Update – 11.12.2012

We have been playing Angry Birds Stars since its release on last Thursday and have a thought.

Angry Birds Star Wars overall game experience, while fun, unique and entertaining will extract more money from you than previous versions of Angry Birds. We paid $0.99 for which gave us access to two worlds, Tatooine and the Death Star. You have to pay anywhere from $1.99 to $19.99 to access more sections of Angry Birds Star Wars.

Rovio partnered with Lucas Films to bring this game to market. When these kind of partnerships happen money exchanges hands. Generally company A, in this case Rovio, pays company B, Lucas Films for the rights to Star Wars Franchise. Rovio may have paid Lucas Films an upfront licensing fee or they may simply share a percentage of the revenue or a combination of both. Either way Rovio operates as a for profit business so they are going to generate as must revenue and profit as possible.

Angry Birds Star Wars does offer unique game play. For you example can use Luke’s light saber to deflect the Storm Troopers laser blasts into objects to inflict damage. This can prove to be difficult when you send Luke flying through the air with the laser blasts coming at you to destroy the special golden eggs. We wonder if anyone will attempt to clone this game mechanic.

Original Post

Use the force Bird. Use the force. But don’t forget your light saber.

Two mega franchises of the last forty years, Lucas Films and Rovio have joined forces to release Angry Birds Star Wars, which tells the iconic story of space rebellion using Rovio’s birds & pigs and some physics.

Consumers can play Angry Birds Star Wars on the following platforms. We included the prices where we could find them.

Angry Birds Star Wars IPhone $0.99

Angry Birds Star Wars HD IPad $2.99

Angry Birds Star Wars Android

Angry Birds Star Wars Kindle Fire

Angry Birds Star Wars Windows Phone 8 $0.99

Angry Birds Star Wars Windows 8 Tablet

Angry Birds Star Wars PC $4.95

Angry Birds Star Wars Mac $4.99

In Angry Birds Star Wars the birds play role of the rebel alliance and the pigs are the Empire. The first chapter of Angry Birds Star Wars opens on the planet Tatooine with the Luke Bird battling storm troopers using the familiar Angry Bird mechanic. Obi Wan pops up a few levels into the first chapter. The force joins him. See this video to understand how the force works in the game.

Luke learns how to wield the light saber on level 1-9. You launch Luke the bird using the same mechanic in all Angry Birds game. As you approach a vulnerable target like a Storm Trooper or structure you tap the screen to destroy said target with the light saber. The video below shows this action.

The second chapter happens in space at the Death Star. We are still making our way through this chapter but so far we think Angry Birds Star Wars by Rovio rocks. We know from the Rovio Angry Birds Star videos we expect to see Leia, R2D2, C3PO, Han Solo, Chewie, Darth Vadar at some point in the game.

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