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Post and Interview by John Busher

What would life be like for a janitor living and working on the Deathstar? Would the janitor aspire to lead a more sinister role on the Deathstar or would you keep your head down, do your job, save your payback to buy some land in retirement?

You can find out today if you watch Space Janitors, a satirical sci-fi space comedy created and written by Davin Lengyei and Geoff Lapaire debuting today on Geek and Sundry, the folks behind trail blazing show The Guild. You can also watch the full season of Space Janitors at the Escapist Magazine web site but the videos on the Escapist Magazine’s web site won’t play on your mobile device. Space Janitors has been out a while but it’s new to you if you haven’t seen it.

The show features five main characters, Mike Chet and Darby Richards, the janitors; LN6-K, a female android and Darby’s love interest, and Dennis 4862, a Storm Trooper like character.

We conducted an exclusive interview with Mike and Darby, the Janitors via email. Here’s the conversation. How did you get your jobs as Space Janitors on the Space Station? Linkedin? Craigslist? A Recruiter?

Space Janitors: What’s a Craigslist? Imperial recruiting stations are everywhere, they’ll pretty much take anyone. It’s not the best job but hey, even Dark Lord had to start somewhere. Do you like the job title Space Janitor or would you prefer “Space Custodial Engineer”?

Space Janitors: It is against imperial policy to self-identify as an engineer without proper credentials from an accredited institution. Punishment is death. How do your parents feel about your job as a Space Janitor? Were they hoping you pursued a more ambitious role like the Storm Trooper class or the Dark lord of the Space Station?

Space Janitors: What’s a storm trooper? Did you mean squall trooper? It’s possible to be ambitious in any role, standing out in a crowd is another thing. I think my parents would be happy that I made it on the empire’s flagship station. My mom keeps a photo of my first planetary annihilation on her fridge. Can a Space Janitor affect the morale of the Space Station with the type of toilet paper you order?

Space Janitors: Definitely! Recently I managed to get my hands on some toilet paper with the rebel logo printed on it. The crew loves that. What kind of shower heads do you use on the Space Station? Low Flow or high flow?

Space Janitors: We shower in dehydrated water, every space janitor knows that. Does the artificial gravity make it easier or more difficult to clean up messes like split milk or the rebels’ blood spatters?

Space Janitors: They tell us artificial gravity is supposed to be the same as planetary in every way, but it just feels different. Nothing like good ol’ planetary gravity, feels so nice and “earthy”. Do Space Janitors have access to the full portfolio of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Flavors? What’s your favorite?

Space Janitors: We don’t have ice cream on the station, only mush. If we’re lucky enough to run into a deep space ice cream shuttle I usually order a double scoop of synthetic ester #385. What is like to date a “female” android? How does dating an android differ from dating a human?

Space Janitors: You know how the slogan goes: “More human than human.” Well that’s logically impossible, but they make them pretty close. Do Space Janitors plan labor strikes right before a major rebel attacks to gain leverage when negotiating hiring salaries and benefits?

Space Janitors: Hahaha. Hahaha, that’s a good one. Negotiating with the empire. Hahaha. How do Space Janitors feel about George Lucas selling the Star Wars Franchise to Disney? Are you one of those people who criticized Mr Lucas creative approach even though without him we wouldn’t have had the Star Wars story in the first place?

Space Janitors: I don’t know too much about old earth history, but I love Disney movies! My favorites are “Blood in Space: A Dark Lord’s Carnage” and “Mickey and Goofy adventure: Die Rebel, Die, Die, Die.”

Geoff Lapaire and Davin Lengyel, the creators of Space Janitors, provided the answers to the interview questions.

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