To Bee or not to Bear HD iPad Arcade Game

In real life would you rather encounter a bee or a bear? Do you like honey? Do you like the swiping (think Fruit Ninja) game play mechanic popular on tablet devices? You are in luck. Russian based Anton Studios released the IPad HD version of To Bee or Not to Bear for $2.99. The iPhone version costs $0.99.

In To Bee or Not to Bear you must protect the bees and their honey production “operations” from the bears who love honey. The bee produce honey in some regular expected places like flowers and basketball nets. Basketball nets? We had the same response but its a video game so suspend reality. Anyway the bears wrap fire hoses around their bellies to swing themselves towards the honeypot location. You must swipe/slice the fire hose so the bears drop to the ground on their little tushies.

However the bees also use the fire hose to get to their honey production factory and this complicates the game because the bears swope in faster and faster while the bees to the same. If you accidentally chop a bee’s firehouse the game penalizes you by filling the screen with honey or shatters your screen (see the screenshot below).

To Bee or Not To Bear iPhone/IPad Arcade Game Download

To Bee or Not To Bear iPhone/IPad Arcade Game Download

In our opinion both kids and semi-fully formed adults will enjoy this game.

To Be or not to Bear IPad HD Game Download $2.99

To Be or Not to Bear iPhone Game Download $0.99

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