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The world can be a dangerous place. Just ask Joe Danger, allegedly the world’s most determined stuntman who stars in a new game on the iOS platform called Joe Danger Touch from Hello Games, a UK based entrepreneurial game development company. Hello Games originally released Joe Danger on PSN and later on XBLA. However if you are familiar with those versions of Joe Danger be forewarned they have completely reworked the game to leverage the touch mechanic popular, eliminating the reliance on the virtual joystick. Joe Danger Touch costs $2.99 plus you can buy coins in the app to accelerate your progress.

Joe Danger Touch Itunes Link

Joe Danger, at its core, offers a arcade racing game experience which uses the touch mechanic for all in game actions whether you make the motorcycle jump, pop a wheelie or duck under obstacles. The Apple Itunes editorial team loves games like Joe Danger Touch when the game developers incorporate their hardware functionality like touch throughout the game as evidenced by the Editor’s Choice label awarded to Joe Danger Touch. You can’t beat that endorsement.

If you earn three stars on any level you can challenge a friend via Gamecenter to beat your score on that level. As you earn more coins you unlock characters like Elvis, Chicken Joe, Zombie (of course), Mr. Chuckles, Chimpanzombie, Paperboy, The Director, Boss Nasty, Angry Cop (aren’t they all?), Mr Sprinkleman (a giant cupcake), Bobo the bear and many others. Alternatively you can use real money through in app purchases to upgrade characters.

For each level you must proceed as quickly as possible while paying attention to two aspects. The game tells you through audio and visual ques when to jump or duck. You tap the screen to execute the right maneuver with your bike. However you must also watch out for bonus elements to tap like giant gold coins as opposed to the smaller gold coins you collect by driving through them.

If you enjoy games like “Bike Baron”, “Jetpack Joyride” and “Rayman Jungle Run” you will enjoy Joe Danger.

Joe Danger Touch Itunes Link

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