Fleece Based Finger Fun with Baa Baa Bomber for the IPhone and IPad

When is the last time you had “fleece based finger fun”? How does the phrase Fleeced Based Finger fun sound? That’s what we thought. RatJar Games released a action physics game called Baa Baa Bomber on the iOS platform for $1.99 for 60 levels.

You play the role of Captain “Minty” Woolcock, a leader in the Royal Sheep Air Force who must find or clear a landing zone before his plane runs completely out of fuel. You do this by destroying the evil enemy pigeons encampments and military installations covering the potential landing zone.

Baa Baa Bomber Itunes Link $1.99

As your plane flies to across the screen you tap it to drop the bombs and missiles to blow up the enemy structures. However you must be sure to leave a part of the potential landing zone in tact so you can guide the plane gently to the ground.

At first glance we thought “oh, its just another Angry Birds clone”. However Baa Baa Bomber offers a much different game mechanic than Angry Birds. Will Angry Birds fans love the game? Sure. Will anyone who likes action arcade puzzle games like Baa Baa Bomber? Absolutely. Will anyone else enjoy the game? More than likely.

Baa Baa Bomber Features:

60 Increasingly crazy levels
Simple one touch controls
Cool graphics, animation & sound
Ranking system
You get to blow stuff up
Highly polished

Baa Baa Bomber Itunes Link $1.99

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