Acting Out Charades like Game out on iOS

Have you always wanted to play charades with your “so called” long distance friends on your iOS mobile device? Well, a company called Interconnected Gaming released the 2.0 version of charades for your IPhone and IPad called Acting Out which comes in free and paid versions. Fundamentally the game play for each remains the same: the player must act out a word chosen by the game to their remotely connected friends.

Acting Out Free iOS Game Download
Acting Out Paid iOS Game Download

We have outlined the differences between the free Vs paid Acting Out but it would be funny if the Interconnected Games marketing team could use their own game to “act out” the differences in the free vs paid version but until that happens read below:

1. The free version of Acting Out offers a 1700 word library vs a 2100 word library in the paid version.

2. The paid version of Acting Out allows you to record videos in higher resolution than the Free app (medium resolution vs. low resolution)

3. The paid version of Acting Out has no ads, the free app has a small ad bar at the bottom of the page.

4. The paid version of Acting Out gives you 250 free coins to start the game, while the Free app doesn’t start with any.

The paid version is temporary on sale for $0.99 but will flip back to the full $1.99 in a week or so. The Interconnected Marketing team shared five free promo codes for our readers for the paid version. Each code can only be used by one person. The code starts after the colon. Acting Out requires iOS 6.0 to work properly.

Free Promo Code 1: K73MJRE4P9PE
Free Promo Code 2: J64MWFX7XKYX
Free Promo Code 3: FLAW6PRX4YTA
Free Promo Code 4: WA4HKTTXNJPL
Free Promo Code 5: 9LM63R4YRXEN

Acting Out Free iOS Game Download
Acting Out Paid iOS Game Download

The one year old video below gives a general explanation detailing the promo code redemption process.

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