Space Janitor’s Season One Episode 8 Finale

Find out what happens to Darby, one of the janitors living and working on a Death Star like vessel in the final episode of Space Janitors, an epically funny web show written by two Canadians, Davin Lengyel and Geoff Lapaire. Can you believe Canadians have a sense of humor? Aye. Aboot.

Hint Hint… Darby may discover his paternal rebellious lineage.

The Space Janitors Production team just wrapped shooting the second season which will debut on the Geek & Sundry web site. (Geek & Sundry are known for producing The Guild, a sweet, funny show about a group of online female and male gamers who form online and offline (real world) friendships revolving around a massively multi-player RPG. Felicia Day writes The Guild.)

Questions burning in our mind for the Space Janitors:

Will Darby join the rebel alliance after a fishing expedition with his father?

Will Mike, Darby’s janitorial colleague join him or betray him to the Dark Lord in exchange for more spacious living quarters and maybe a slight pay raise?

What will become of LN6-K, the hot female android? Will her disgust for Darby transform to lust if he becomes a “bad boy” via the rebel alliance?

Will Edith, the computer psychologist, be able to tell Dennis 4862 from all the other squall troopers long enough to propose an internal one day “alliance”?

Stay tuned for the Season 2 of (pretend you hear a large deep menacing voice say “Space Janitors”) coming to a Geek & Sundry web site near you in the Spring of 2013.

Here’s the complete first episode list for Space Janitors below.

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Space Janitors Season One Episode 6
Space Janitors Season One Episode 7
Space Janitors Season One Episode 8

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