DoodleTop 3D Maze Adventure Game – iPhone and iPad

Can you spin a virtual top? Can you draw? Do you like to go on magical adventures in black and white worlds. Can you tilt your iPad or iPhone with a delicate touch to direct progress in towards a games goals?

Doodle Top takes place in a 3D black and white virtual popup storybook with colorful potential. The game features a spinning top which you must guide around each maze level to collect coins, gems and unlock the color when you bump into objects. You direct the top by tilting your iPad or iPhone. They replicate the physics of a real top balancing on a flat surface like a wooden cutting board.

DoodleTop Adventure Game Download iTunes Link

You begin by spinning the top as you would a normal real live top using two fingers on the screen. However you really need to give it a good spin or else the level may end prematurely if you don’t reach a purple twister which can re-energize the spinning. You direct the top by tilting your iPad or iPhone but its extremely sensitive making it fairly easy to veer off the path missing coins, gems and treasure chests. As the top spins you should make sure it collides with the pop up objects like a mushroom house which will release more gems. You can also bump into treasure chests to unlock special tops.

You measure your success on each level by the number of coins and gems you collect, the percentage of the level you turned from black and white to color and the time it takes to complete the level.

People can download and play DoodleTop for free and can buy a handful of gems for $0.99 and a chestful of gems for $5.99 to accelerate their progress. DoodleTop offers an extremely unique and challenging game experience adults & children of all ages will enjoy.

DoodleTop Adventure Game Download iTunes Link

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