Momonga Pinball Adventures

Do you play adventure games? Do you enjoy pinball? Dutch based Paladin Studios blended the pinball flipping mechanic with an adventure game to create Momonga Pinball Adventures.

Momonga Pinball Adventures features Momo, a flexible flying squirrel to partners with a giant panda and a firefly to free his fellow squirrels from the dreaded owl bandits. In a traditional pinball game you play the level over and over again aiming to get the high score. In Momonga Pinball Adventures, you use the flippers to propel Momo the squirrel through all the different stages of each level. Sometimes you flip Momo into the air where you tilt the device to make sure he he flies into the floating gems to collect them.

Kids and families will enjoy Momonga Pinball Adventures. Pinball fans who like adventure games may also enjoy the game as well. Hardcore pinball game fans who want to the quick high action scoring like a traditional pinball game may like the game less. Momonga Pinball Adventures costs $2.99 but you can buy it for the special launch price of $0.99 as a universal app in the iTunes store. Momonga is now available on the App Store as a Universal app compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad mini, and iPod touch 5th gen.

Momonga Pinball Adventures Itunes Link

The version, Episode 1, comes with 9 levels plus a bonus, each of them featuring 5 “Challenges” – mini quests that give you a medal and boost your score. There are numerous Game Center achievements, and each level has its own leaderboard.

Paladin Studios plans to release two bonus levels for Episode 1 with a bigger update that will come out as Episode 2. At some point they will release an android version of Momonga Pinball Adventures.

Momonga Pinball Adventures Itunes Link

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