Crowdfunding Campaign for MelonDash – Casual Racing Game

Hey folks. Support an indie game developer. Meet Alex Solo, a game developer from Milwaukee, Wisconsin who just launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for MelonDash, a casual watermelon racing game under development for iOS, Android, and Flash tentatively priced at $0.99. You can play a working demo of MelonDash in your browser with the Unity Plugin using this link:

MelonDash Casual Racing Game Web Demo

You can donate to MelonDash’s Kickstarter campaign using this link.

MelonDash features watermelons who race against each other around the different tracks: the farm, the castle, the city and the desert. We were lucky enough to interview a watermelon who says he appears in the game demo but won’t provide any identification so we can’t confirm his story. Welcome WaterMelon. What should we call you?

WaterMelon: I answer to “Mel”. Ok. Mel. What can you tell us about Melondash, the casual racing game?

Mel: Slow down Francis. How are you compensating me for my thoughts on Melondash? By the word or character? I heard from an ape like friend named Pete that you paid him for his thoughts on Temple Run 2. Well Mel. If you read the interview with Pete the Primate you would know his compensation involving exposure of the Pete the Primate brand to the audience rather than a monetary payment.

Mel: Oh that’s just great. Do you still want to proceed with the interview?

Mel: I guess so. I am here so we may as well move forward. What do you want to know? Anything you are willing to share about MelonDash. What is it like racing around a farm, a city, a castle and the desert? Are carrot missiles as lethal as they sound? Who stars in the game?

Mel: Well, MelonDash stars my fellow watermelons, Oscar, Gary, Melonie – do you like that name for a watermelon? . Yeah real original. Cute. Continue please.

Mel: And Spike. He’s a trip. Great. How does the Melondash casual racing game work?

Mel: The game player races my fellow melons around a track on a farm, in a city, a desert and a castle. You can try the working prototype of MelonDash using this link. You will need to download the unity plugin to play the working prototype. Yes we tried the working prototype. We found it basic but could see how someone who likes racing games could enjoy it. The controls are kind of sensitive and we love what happens when we hit a rock or object like a pig. The melons..

Mel: Wait. I don’t want to hear it. … explode. Also if you build up a head of steam racing along you can miss collecting powerups.

Mel: Yup. We can explode when the players drive us, the melons, into things like rocks and pigs or our opponents may use the TNT powerup (that’s dynamite in case you the reader lack knowledge of things that go boom.) to blow us to bits. Players can use “The boost” powerup to give the melon a sudden burst of power. Since you aren’t compensating me for this interview your readers can find the rest of the details of the MelonDash game on its kickstarter page. Oh so that’s how its going to be?

Mel: That’s how its going to be. Go donate money to the MelonDash Kickstarter campaign.

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