Rush Limbaugh’s Ass Discusses Bumpin Uglies, a New Mobile Game

Hot off the presses. Read it here first. Rush Limbaugh’s Ass shares its thoughts on Bumbin Uglies, a new physics puzzle mobile game from Minneapolis based, Ham in the Fridge, a Minneapolis based creative studio, out now as a free to play game on the iPhone and iPad. If you think this satirical interview represents a real endorsement of Bumbin Uglies by Rush Limbaugh, you may want to consider consulting with a therapist who specializes in common sense with a concentration in reality. Hello Rush Limbaugh’s Ass. Thank you for visiting the Harry Balls virtual studio. Did you find the place ok?

Rush Limbaugh’s Ass: Urgph What was that?

Rush Limbaugh’s Ass: I burped. It happens. Did you find the place ok?

Rush Limbaugh’s Ass: Dude. It’s virtual. What’s there to find? True. What should we call you?

Rush Limbaugh’s Ass: “Rush’s Ass” is fine. How are you feeling?

Rush’s Ass: Vindicated! Vindicated! Vindicated! Vindicated about what? Obama’s state of the Union speech where he stated he would pursue second term policies designed to help all American citizens regardless of color, creed, sexual orientation, race, class – in a country founded on the principal that all people are created equal not just rich white men?

Rush’s Ass: No you freak. Did you predict the Baltimore Ravens would upset the Patriots in the AFC Championship game?

Rush’s Ass: No but I knew the Raven’s wouldn’t let Ray Lewis’ season end before the Superbowl. I shared that prediction with my friends, John Boehner’s Boner and Pete the Primate. Can you get to the point about your vindication? We are really here to talk about Bumbin Uglies.

Rush’s Ass: I publicly theorized or predicted that having a baby would make Beyonce, the singer, a more sensual person. Great. Tell us about the Bumbin’ Uglies mobile game.

Rush’s Ass: Did you like Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Star Wars? We loved them all but Angry Birds Star Wars remains our favorite.

Rush’s Ass: Great. Because you will enjoy Bumpin Uglies which comes with a similar physics puzzle like game mechanic. What else can you tell us about Bumpin Uglies? What’s an ugly?

Rush’s Ass: An ugly is anything that comes out of Russ Limbaugh’s (my boss) mouth. Are you going to pay me $15.95 per word Fox News paid Sarah Palin during her tenure for this interview? Dream on. How often does Russ Limbaugh’s Ass get to speak?

Rush’s Ass: That’s true. Although some folks think that’s exactly where Russ Limbaugh’s words come from. But let’s continue discussing Bumbin Uglies. Thank goodness.

Rush’s Ass: The Bumpin Uglies game features Uglies who are woeful little creatures possessing the intelligence of a block of wood, slightly higher than the IQ of the average American politician pundit. We are pretty sure most people already know American political pundits’ elevators never reach the top floor. What do players have to bump in Bumpin Uglies?

Rush’s Ass: You fling the ugly through each level like the birds in Angry Birds. However rather than destroying structures you navigate through obstacles using skill, logic and luck. Something.. I know. I know. Something you would never see from a politician.

Rush’s Ass: As you move from the ugly from the left part of the level to the right you collect silver looking shineys you can redeem to buy upgrades and unlock levels. Where does the name Bumpin Uglies come from then?

Rush’s Ass: You win each level when you bump your ugly into the other ugly waiting for you at the end of each level’s puzzle. Sometimes magical things occur when two uglies bump in the night similar to the magic of the 2000 Bush/Gore presidential contest that occurred in Florida. But we don’t want to give anything away. Folks can download and play Bumpin Uglies on any iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch device.

Note: Our satirical interview with Rush Limbaugh’s Ass in no way should be interpreted as an endorsement or real thoughts from Rush Limbaugh. We published this for entertainment purposes only. John Busher authored this post.

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